Cutting the Cord – The Next Big Thing!! (or the End of TV as We Know It)

My boyfriend and I are thinking about this! We spend too much money on cable and most of the time the only things we watch are local news channels. We find our favorite shows through Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, etc.


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Do you have a contentious relationship with your cable company?  Has your cable bill doubled in the past ten years?  Are you finding yourself or your family members watching TV over the internet more frequently?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might be ready to “Cut the Cord!!”  This is a fairly recent phenomenon and signals the biggest change in how media is consumed since the internet began killing the print version of newspaper a decade ago.

Consumers now have alternatives to dealing with their dreaded cable providers – these include Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.  Nearly 1 million households have “cut their cords” during the last 12 months – and while this represents a fraction of the estimated 100 million cable households in the United States, this is no longer being viewed as an “urban myth” but rather a growing trend.  It is estimated…

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How Facebook Home Will Impact Marketers

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Dear Q&A Team,

Now that Facebook Home has been released, I want to understand how it will impact my work as a marketer. Is it worth taking a closer look at? What should I be aware of? I want to make sure I don’t frustrate and annoy our fans with ads. Any advice?

“Home” Run or Loss


Dear “Home” Run or Loss,

Here are three ProfNet experts who can address your questions about the impact of Facebook Home on marketers:

What is Facebook Home?

The Google Play store app provides the following description of Facebook Home:

“Facebook Home puts your friends at the heart…

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How Advertisers Capitalize on Your New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time of the year again – New Year…New You. January is a month for change and renovation. Companies and advertisers seize this opportunity to target customers looking for inspiration and motivation by offering deals and promotions to help accomplish their resolutions.  In order to capture the attention of the consumer and keep them coming back for more, advertisers need to be up-to-date on current social and media trends creating campaigns where they can interact with the customer and tweaking them continuously to keep capturing the client’s attention. Here are some interesting statistics about resolutions:

–          Half of New Year’s resolutions made are out the window by Independence Day (Forbes)

–          Only about 10% of people who made resolutions maintained their resolve by the following New Year’s (Forbes)

In order for agencies to help consumers commit to New Year’s resolutions, they should remain flexible while strategizing for new campaigns

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PR Trends for 2013: Outcomes & Tactics

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google trends prYesterday we discussed the evolving media environment, and some of the emerging PR trends that will impact our business in 2013.  Today, we’re going to drill down into more tactical PR trends, and discuss how the practice of PR is changing on a fundamental level.

Evolving outcomes

The outcomes expected of PR are evolving, and that’s where we’ll start today.   Traditionally, PR outcomes have been campaign based, and in many cases, have been measured fairly narrowly, in terms of media pick up and AVEs.  Tying PR output to the business bottom line has long been a challenge.   It’s a different story today, however, and it requires an expanded view of measurement across the enterprise.

“What we measure is part of the puzzle,” notes Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO of Pure Performance PR and author of Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional. “When we look at…

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Boost your website traffic via social media

Social media is becoming more and more important in today’s fast paced technological environment. Experts say there is more to just having a Facebook page or Twitter for your company.. you have to find a way to get more and more people to it. You can also use your Facebook and Twitter to get people to your actual website or blog. The following article explains how to do this in simple ways such as initiating a form of discussion and posting interesting tweets are just a few ways to traffic more people to your site.

Apple launches products based around PR

Apple decides to launch their products based around PR.

They are in the process of deciding whether to launch the iphone 5 in early June/July or hold off until fall. Either way, they have to keep mac lovers entertained so they are launching the white iphone4 and other new mac products.

“Apple is a company that thrives on PR excitement…and the big hole in the update schedule before the iPhone 5 arrives could damage sales. Hence Apple seems to be ready to release a barrage of new hardware, including the white version of the iPhone 4, to keep everyone’s pro-Apple sentiment topped up.”